Three Pro Tips for Buying Flower Shop Flowers

Flowers have become a widely accepted symbol of love, affection, care, and even apology throughout the years. Almost everyone has given away flowers at least one time in their life, either to a special someone, a family member, or a close friend in need of comfort. Regardless of the reason, it's important that you take the time to make sure that the Phoenix AZ flower shop flowers you've bought are the best. Be sure to buy the best flowers for your loved ones by taking these pro tips into consideration.

1. Schedule Your Purchase - Did you know that flower shops put most of their available items on sale by the end of the week? Usually, Sunday night marks the time for fresh flower deliveries Phoenix AZ of new stocks to be sold for the week ahead, which means florists will be scrambling to clear out their shelves to make room for the new additions. That's why many of the flowers that were on sale in the previous week will be deeply discounted so new items can find their places in the shop. If you want to get fresh flowers, buy flower shop flowers on a Monday. If you want to get them cheap, buy them on a Saturday.

2. Ask for What's in Season - While the rose has become the ultimate flower of choice for many people, especially on Valentine's Day, it pays to consider the fact that this particular flower blooms only in spring. So what does that mean? Well, florists will usually put in extra time and effort just to get these flowers in time for February, which means they'll cost a lot more due to the fact that they're not exactly in season. Instead of buying flowers based on the meaning they're given, choose flowers that are in season. This will allow you to avail of them for a lower price.

3. A Pinch Here and There - The best way to tell if flowers are still fresh is by pinching the petals close to the stem. Before you buy your flowers, pinch the outermost petals where the base of the petal meets the stem and get a feel for the firmness. If the petals are a bit crunchy and a small amount of moisture exits upon squeezing, they're fresh. But if they feel wilted, extra moist, and soft, you should consider checking the other items in the shop.